Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beagle Walk

This is how a beagle walks...

...with the nose to the ground 99% of the time!

I hit the jackpot today. I found a piece of bone during my walk, sneaked it into my mouth and brought it back home to chomp. Mum was not pleased!


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Yes, the other 1% is divided between snooping out food or counter-surfing and then snoozing.
Mom Beaglebratz

Martha said...

Yes, we bassets are the same, nose to the ground, tail in the air!
Martha and Bailey xxx

Lois Lane/Laney said...

Mom often complains about how slow our walks are, especially after it rains!

Molly the Airedale said...

It's fun finding goodies on the ground, isn't it, Kess? Mitch found a Kit Kat chocolate candy this morning. One of the trick or treaters must have dropped it! Mom had to wrestle it out of his mouth and she was not happy either!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

That is about how Khousin Harley walks too!

Mom thought he was Golden Retrievre Bloodhound...

Now we khan see his was a GR Beagle!


Lorenza said...

That is my kind of walkie too!
Kisses and hugs

Sapphire said...

ain't nothing but a hound dog! thumbs up Kess :)
bones are dangerous. i always keep my eyes a little ahead of Sapphire's walk.

The Thundering Herd said...

We don't do that often, but we do sometimes. What our hu-dad has always wondered is how dogs can walk with their noses so close to the ground and yet never scrape it on anything.

Unknown said...

Gosh, Kess - don't you get a sore neck?! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Oorvi said...

Hi Kess,
Just love your ears:)
So are scent hound and you are s'posed to find those delicious bones...I am on your side.

I am here to invite you over to my new blog -

Stop by when you are done with sniffing out the bones:)
Licks n wags,

i said...

What a great discovery! Keep up the good sniffing! :-)

Thanks for signing my guest book.