Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This Beagle Explores Stage 3 of HK Trail

This beagle loves exploring sections of the Hong Kong trail, a nice change from my regular walks on Bowen Road. The 50km long trail spans five country parks across Hong Kong island. The trail is divided into 7 stages, starting at the Peak, on the western side of the island and ending at Big Wave Bay, on the eastern side of Hong Kong.
The HK trail has distance post along the trail to help hikers figure out where they are and in case of emergencies. The way you can work out how far you've walked is to take note of the number on the post. The distance between each post is 1/2 km. So the starting point at the peak is H001 and the ending point at Big Wave Bay is H100 (50 km).

Whilst it is highly unlikely that I will be able to cover the entire Hong Kong trail (this beagle is 10 years old after all), over the last 1.5 years, my humans have taken me for walks on different sections of the west end trails. So far, I've covered Stage 1 (7km) of the Hong Kong trail, which starts at the Peak's Lugard Road, and then crosses over to Lung Fu Shan Country Park, before looping over to Pok Fu Lam Country Park. My humans and I also regularly hike on the Lady Clementi's Ride, which is the initial 2.5km of Stage 4. A few weeks back, we covered Stage 3 (6.5km), starting from Wan Chai Gap and ending at Peel Rise, near the Peak.

My humans usually let me go off-leash on the trails, with one human leading the way upfront and another human behind this beagle to make sure that I don't roam off. Sometimes, I will stop to check that the human on back patrol is still following me. "Hurry up, we've got lots to explore."
The trail is really lovely. It's shaded, fairly flat and passes a couple of streams. We stopped for a water break and my human decided to dip her toes in the cool water of the stream. Me, I'll keep my paws on firm ground. In case you don't know, beagles do not like to play in water, unlike my fellow canines, the Labradors and Retrievers.

The most difficult part of the trail is the last kilometre or so leading up to Peel Rise. It is a very steep climb! So, on our last visit, we skipped the last section and turned around back to Wan Chai Gap. At one point of the trail, there were a series of steep large steps. Since my humans did not want this beagle to climb the stairs (old age = joints issue), my human carries me up.
After that lovely long outing, this beagle catches a snooze out in our balcony. A pretty good weekend indeed!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A new bed for Kess

One of the reasons we went to Whiskers n Paws last weekend was to get this beagle a new bed. Now, indulgent human dad has been wanting to get me a new bed to replace the one in our living room for the longest time. But practical human mum resisted as the bed was still in good condition. Even after human dad accidentally "lost" the soft flat cushion base on my bed whilst giving the bed a fluff over the balcony to get rid of the fur, human mum said bed was still OK for use since I have an Ikea pillow. So, why the new bed? It was finally time to retire the old bed after human mum discovered that the base of the bed had started to peel.

We got the Dog Gone Smart Bed. It has a removeable cover which can be washed, which is pretty smart. Their tag line is "Our beds love dirty dogs". 

However the question is does this dog love the bed? To put it to a test, my human put out both the new and old bed.

I checked it out...

Nope. I still like my old bed better.
"Too bad" my humans said, "You've got a new bed and you have to use it. It's time to retire your old bed". So, the next day, old bed was gone and in its place is the new bed. My humans laid my fleece blanket over the bed. I guess the new bed is pretty comfy after all. Time for a snooze, I think.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Visit to Whiskers N Paws

The beauty of living in Hong Kong is the availability of on-line shopping - anything from groceries to pet supplies. When my humans first arrived in Hong Kong last year, they were not very savvy and went hunting high and low for a pet shop to purchase some doggie supplies. Finally, after some intenet research, they discovered the convenience of on-line shopping sites for pet supplies. After experimenting with a few, they finally settled on Whiskers N Paws. It has a great English site (which is a big plus as a lot of the local websites are in Chinese) and service is quick and reliable.

Once in a while my humans like to pay a visit to the bricks and mortar shop. Located in Horizon Plaza, a massive industrial building that houses furniture, factory outlets and of course, Whiskers n Paw, it has easy parking and best of all, allows doggies. This is my second visit to Whiskers N Paws. The first time was in February this year. My humans made me pose in front of the store sign.

Thankfully, they didn't make me pose in front of the store again this visit. However, this does not mean that my trigger happy human did not take snapshots of me on her trusty Iphone, as you'll soon see.
In addition to a huge space for the shop, Whiskers N Paws also has an outdoor space for dogs to socialize and play. Today, they hosted a doggie adoption day by Hong Kong Dog Rescue. So, the backyard had lots of people and doggies. At the front of the shop, we met a couple, who has a beagle and decided to adopt the sweetest chocolate-coloured puppy today. Lucky pup!
Although I did not get to meet that beagle, I did get to meet a little human, who was happily playing on the dog slide...
...and a little black pup.

Most of the time, I was happy to sit with my human and watch the other dogs play.
At the shop, I had a great time checking out the food section. Hmm...I wonder what my humans got for me? I hope there are some treats.
After loading up our car with my goodies, it was time to say goodbye to Whiskers N Paws. I hope I don't have to wait 10 months before my next visit!


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