Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beagle turned 10...(2 weeks ago)

I'm alive and well folks in case you're wondering about the very long silence...As usual, it's my human's fault. She has been on the road or in the air and have not had time to blog. So, this beagle's birthday blog is 2 weeks late. Yeap, I am now now 10 years old. Old age is catching up. I am very much whiter now. This was me when I was 6 years old.
This is me at 10 years old. See how much fairer I am?
I'm also on daily glucosamine and propalin for joint and urinary control. I may need to get a thorough dental check-up(which unfortunately requires going under general anesthetic...My humans are still considering this and would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.) I need to stretch more before I get up and I can't go for super long walks anymore. But, my appetite is great and life is generally good. Anyway, for my birthday treat this year, my human found a healthy cookie recipe that combined all my favourite food - banana, carrot and apple. The result - a very happy beagle and friends(my canine neighbours each got a cookie too).
My humans also gave me a yummy dinner of chicken and carrot on a bed of rice and kibbles. Needless to say, this beagle did not leave anything on the bowl. Not a bad birthday treat at all :-)


Martha said...

Happy Birthday Kess. We are both getting a lot whiter about the face now too!
We reckon you look distinguished!

Bowie said...

Happy 10th Barkday Kess!

About the dental check-up, I am 9 yrs old this year. Had my very 1st dental check & scaling last Dec. Mom was worried too but it had to be done cos of the tartar formed. My teeth are now white and since the scaling, she's been brushing & applying tooth gel to my teeth diligently to keep me from going under another GA as much as possible. She is so paranoid sometimes keep saying she thinks my back molars are turning yellowish again!

Hope for many more wonderful (& healthy) years ahead of You & me!


Molly the Airedale said...

Happy 10th birthday, Kess! You are even more beautiful at 10!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Hi Kess - the Diva Queen Shasta here. HAPPEEE BIRTHDAY!
Mom sez the white makes us Beagles look mature an'sophiticated not shure what that iz butt I guess it iz good. My big bruther Shiloh just turned 6 this past March an'I will b 6 in October. mom sez I must haf Shiloh's genez cus I already haz a lot of white.(how duz a doggy wear jeanz an'how duz that make'em a difrent color) Anyway, I just had my teeferz cleanin'yesterday an'cuz mom waited so long, the dog-tor sed I had a lot of tarter build up which did not help an'two of my teefz are gone now. The dog-tor sed I did real good with the anesthesia an'had no problemz waking up. The worst part to me - going WITHOUT breakfast. Mom's little Angel Oreo had really bad teeferz an'he wuz gettin'sick cuz the bad teefer germz got in hiz blood BUTT the dog-tor did hiz teefer cleaning an'Angel Oreo got better (hiz teefer problem had nuthin'to do with him bein'a angel.

Fro, the mom - GA is scary for us pet parents but the vet will monitor all vital signs during the procedure - still, I don't do it unless absolutely needed and in this case, it is and it is worth it if it prevents further problems with the teeth.

The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

Whoopsiez - I made a boo-boo
Shiloh iz now 9
I will b six
Diva Queen Shasta

Fred said...

Happy happy birthday! You don't look a day over 10 weeks. ;P

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Kess! Happy birthday!!!

I, Jake, have been 10 for five months now -- and it's kind of cool. With that glucosamine thingy, I still can jump as high as ever -- and I get lots and lots of snuggles because my humans think I'm even more lovable than before.

So enjoy your new stature -- and forget about the whiter shade of pale... you're more beautiful than ever!

Wirey woofs,

Jake (and Just Harry and Mom)

Lorenza said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Kess!
Glad you enjoyed a yummy meal and yummy cookies!
Kisses and hugs

Tracy Tan said...

Happy Birthday Kess!

Mary Lou said...

Kess And Her Mama ....
Awww.... I love the "old dog face"!! It is so distinctive!! And beautiful!! ;)
Hi, I am just discovering your Blog!! My dog Rose is a Beagle cross.... With German Shepherd mixed in, I think!! But nobody knows!! She is a "Mystery Dog", with definite Beagle within her DNA!! That we know!! ;op
I hope to someday see Rose with white fur covering her brown face.... ;-}
Happy Birthday, Kess!! ;->

Unknown said...

Hi Kess - Happy Birthday from one old lady to another! I may be only 8 & half but for a giant breed, that's probably about the same age as you - if not older! ;-)

About the teeth cleaning - I did that last year - don't know if you saw my posts about it. If you go to my blog archives and look in Oct - it's the one called "Lights, Anaesthetic, Scalpel & Toothbrush" - if your human reads that, she might find it helpful.

Anyway, I was fine - my humans were worried too but the vets said anaesthetic is very advanced these days and as long as you have a health check first and come out OK, you should be fine. And if you HAVE to do it, then better earlier than waiting until you're even older.

But the best thing is to talk to your own vet and see.

I'm becoming like you too - can't walk so far or so long, get tired more easily and a bit stiff sometimes in the mornings...but otherwise, life goes on as usual! ;-)

Honey the Great Dane

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