Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grass Patch Box Retired

My trusty 4ft x 3ft grass patch, which has served me well for the two years since I've moved in has been retired. Why?

My humans and I have moved.
I now have my very own little garden. It's much smaller than the garden we had back in Malaysia, but as you can see, it's bigger than my grass patch box.

Beagles love rolling in grass, as you can see below. The big difference between my grass patch and my new garden? Well, the grass patch did not have stinky dead stuff. Yesterday, when my humans let me roam unsupervised in the garden, I came in stinking to high heaven!!! I had sniffed out stinky dead stuff and had a lovely time rolling in it. Naturally, my humans did not appreciate the odor, and off I went for a bath, with double shampooing because I was so smelly. Sigh..

Apart from having my own garden again, it's lovely to explore new walking grounds - new scents and new dogs. On this particular day, it was very misty and dream-like.
It's taken me a couple of days to finally adjust to the disruption of the move (this old beagle does not like change). At least this time round, I didn't have to be separated from my humans, crated and flown thousands of miles, like the last time we relocated to Hong Kong. We just hopped onto our car and drove to our new place. The downside to our new home is the stairs. Similar to our house in Malaysia, it's a multi-storey house. Since I have difficulty climbing stairs but at the same time, want to be where my humans are, it's been a challenge as they have been going up and down to unpack. My humans try to keep me on one floor but if they forget to close the door, this beagle sneaks up and down. Hopefully, now that we're finally settling down, we'll be able to establish a routine which will minimize the stair-climbing.



Molly the Airedale said...

How wonderful that you have your own yard to do your bidness, Kess!
Take it easy on those stairs!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Unknown said...

Hi Kess,
I really like your blog. It sounds good that your trusty 4ft x 3ft grass patch has expanded into something larger, even if its not too big... this is HK!!

You might growl at me because I'm a vet... but generally I'm the friendly type and will give you treats and a stroke!
Can you tell your mum that I've just started a new housecall and delivery service,
and if she could help you blog anything about it I would be honoured!


Your own grass. Pawsome. Stinky dead stuff even more Pawsome.

Essex & Sherman

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