Friday, March 28, 2008

Back to Nature!

Let's face it. I'm a suburban doggie. So, most days, I walk with my human/s around the housing area. But, I had a real treat last week. I went on a back to nature outing with my humans and their friends. We drove out (Hurray - car ride!) about an hour plus to a river somewhere near Ulu Yam. Towards the end, the ride was a bit bumpy as the road wasn't paved. The ride was a cross between bumper car and dodge that hole! But it was worth it. It was a quiet serene spot which we had all to ourselves. Check it out! (BTW, those are my humans...Will share more about them another time).

My humans and their friends enjoyed the fresh air, cool water and chilling out . Me, I was too busy to chill out...There was so much to sniff! I loved the jungle smells. Sure beats the smell of car fumes. Ooh...I could pick out the scent of the babi hutan (Jungle pig), squirrels and other jungle creatures. Previous visitors also left traces of their visit and I found the remains of la la shells and fish bones. Please, please be considerate. When visiting God's green earth, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints". Also checked out the river for fishes but the rocks were quite challenging for my lil' paws.

All that fresh air sure whets one's appetite. My humans and their friends had a nice picnic lunch of sandwiches and nasi lemak by the river. "Mayor" Stan, the organiser of the outing came super-prepared with a portable stove for making coffee. Naturally, I couldn't have any but Stan did give me some water. Thanks buddy!

After lunch, my human took a nap, so I had to do guard duty. Grrr..

After all that hard work, it was my turn for ..zzzzz.... and a tummy rub by Shank.

What a great "back to nature" day. What can I say, it's a dog's life... Woof!


bokjae said...

Hey Kess! I think your human dad is so handsome! No wonder your human mom is so crazy abut him! You're a good doggie who guards your human dad while he takes 5! Splendid Kess!

Unknown said...

Cute dog and nice shots of the jungle!

Until Bokjae pointed out that was Kess's human dad, I wasn't sure what is was? Thought it might be a bigfoot sasquatch or some type of yeti. ;) He he!

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