Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hi. My name is Kess. I'm a Beagle (think Snoopy but in tricolour- black, brown & white). In my birth certificate, I was named "Athensi Serenade" but my adoptive humans decided to call me "Kess", after a character in Star Trek Voyager. They wanted a single syllable name for easy calling. I can dig that. Imagine trying to call "Athensi Serenade, come on girl!".

My humans, Jas & Liz adopted me when I was 3 months old. I remember my first car ride. They brought me back in a box, cushioned with newspapers. I slept most of the journey from Subang to PJ, which took longer than usual due to an overturned tanker. Naturally, I pee'd in the box. Hey, puppies have limited bowel control... When you gotta go, you gotta go! Since that eventful first ride, I've developed a love for car rides.

I've been living with my humans for 6 years now. Honestly, it is a dog's life. I am very much loved by my humans and their families, friends and neighbours. I go for walks twice a day, eat, sleep, sleep some more and protect my territory (Watch out squirrels and monkeys!) In my blog, I'll share with you some of my adventures (believe me, in my 42 doggie years, or 6 human years), I've had my share of escapades, much to the chagrin of my humans. I'll also share some tips on doggie care & training, introduce some of my pals and whatever else comes to mind. Woof!


bokjae said...

Hey Kess, guess you don't remember uncle cheong! I met you when you were brought home perhaps 8 weeks old? My you are an adult now and such a techie dog, hosting a blog eh! Will look forward to your exciting life in Kiara! See ya!!

Tracy Tan said...

This is wonderful :) And I enjoyed reading!

WAHM said...

Cool! Now I can get to know Kess better:)

Thanks for signing my guest book.