Friday, February 13, 2009

It's dogged as does it...

I am having so much fun working on posts that has the phrase/idiom "dog". The challenge lies with finding a story that goes with the phrase. I hope that you enjoy reading about dog phrases and idioms as much as I enjoy writing about it.

Today's dog phrase "It's dogged as does it" is actually a colloquial term (according to the Oxford dictionary) and means Persistence succeeds. In fact, the word "dogged" is defined as "tenacious, grimly persistent". All dogs can definitely relate to that. In fact, judging from all the hilarious stories I read on your blogs about escapes, foods, toys, etc, I reckon all dogs' humans can attest to that too!

We dogs are a tenacious lot - doggedly determined to pursue all means necessary to achieve our goals of:

1)Getting our humans to take us with them when they go out
2)Expressing our displeasure at being left alone (when the above fails)
2)Getting to food
3)Getting to toys
4)Getting to other dogs (especially during mating season...)

Just the other day, in the face of adversity (Ok..., I'm being a bit melodramatic here), my humans & I doggedly pursued our right to walk in our beloved hill. It was late, around 7pm. My humans thought that since there aren't many people walking in the hills at that time of the day, we would all go up the paved trail in the hills. Lo and behold, we were stopped at the guard house because ..."GASP"... I was a dog! The man pointed to the Sign which had a picture of a dog with a big "X" in front of it I was so hurt...It might as well have been my picture with a big "X" in front of it.

My humans tried to assure me that it was nothing personal. That's just the way it is in our country. Dogs aren't welcomed in many places. Anyway, no time to pout. We were doggedly determined that we would walk up the hill. Fortunately, dad knows the hill like the back of his hand, so, we back-tracked and went into a small path leading into the jungle. There was still some daylight left so we could see our way. We went on a parallel path on the jungle trail and after about 10 minutes, made our way back to the brightly-lit paved road, way past the guard house. Aaha! Outwitted you Mr. Guard Man! You're forgetting you're dealing with a beagle! After all, beagles are famous for our tenacity and stubborness.

Anyway, we had a great walk. On the way down, we hoped that Mr Guard Man would have gone off for dinner. No such luck. We had no choice but to use the same jungle trail to bypass the guard house again. Only this time, it was pitch black. Since my humans weren't expecting to use the jungle trails, they didn't bring any torch with them. But I wasn't worried. I'm a beagle remember? Beagles are well-known for our powerful noses. Besides, dad knows the trail like the back of his hand...GULP...I hope...Every cloud has a silver lining, in our case, our silver lining came in the form of fire-flies. Because it was so dark in the jungle, we could actually see fire flies as we walked. What a treat!

There you have it - My story about "It's dogged as does it" - Persistence pays off!


ev said...

you lucky gal! i have not even seen a firefly in my entire life!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Brilliant! Determination did pay off...and you saw fireflies...ahhh!
Slobbers xx


You sure are a dogged dog. Three woofs for Kess, Woof, Woof, Woof.

Essex & Deacon

Gennasus said...

I'd never heard that expression before - you learn something new every day!
I have heard 'dogged' on it's own of course and I reckon you don't get a more dogged dog than a beagle!

Molly the Airedale said...

We see fireflies at night here in the summertime! They're very cool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

I had not heard that expression before but sure it exists for a reason!
Kisses and hugs


Yes persistance does pay off!! We are experts at harrasing mum till she gives us dinner, treats or milk. Sounds like you guys had a great walk and wow fireflies! Can't say we have ever seen any of those.Happy Valentine's Day

Amber-Mae said...

Dogged dog? Never heard of that before. Whatever it is, I think you good with those lines. Hee!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Stuffed from eating a BIG feast,
Solid Gold Dancer

Thor and Jack said...

Happy Valentine´s Day Kess! Love you a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kess,

Your dogged pursuit was thought-provoking:-) Things are just the same here in India:-( So, we (dogs and dog-loving humans) have to doggedly pursue our choicest matter what the anti-dog obstacles comes in our way!
Way to go - you carry the torch of dogged-freedom in Malaysia - I shall do it here:-)

Licks n Wags,

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the language error in my previous comment (you are welcome to edit it:)) There seems to be some trouble - my hands aren't willing to follow my mind's instructions - they are too tired.

You keep your mom in good humor...when humans work too hard they become tired. It's then that they require our support most:)

Licks n wags,

Princess Patches said...

Your dogged determination paid off, Kess! Sounds like you had a great walk in spite of the guard man! Hahaha Mr. Guard Man!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Wow, that is a great story about your family's dogged determination! I am beginning to like that phrase a lot....=) Clever use of words indeed! *grins* Hope you have a great day!


Kathryn and Ari said...

Indeed it does! We have one very dogged dog in the house. And she knows perfectly well that no sane human can resist her lovely blue eyes--at least, not for very long.

Lois Lane/Laney said...

No dogs? How rude!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...


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