Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beagle Escapes...Again

In my last post, one of the things I shared about myself is that I'm an expert escape artist. Now, my humans thought that with old age, this beagle has mellowed, along with the urge and instinct to escape. After all, my last successful escape was way back in October 2008. Back then, my humans thought that a faulty automatic gate may have been my escape route...

Two days after that post, I proved my humans wrong. Despite being 8 years old (approximately 56 human years), this beagle still has the moves of an agile escape artist. My humans went out for dinner, leaving me home for an hour and a half. What kind of trouble can a beagle get into in 1.5 hours?

Well, the first thing my humans saw when they opened the automatic gate was shredded grass blades on the porch floor. "To be expected", they thought. The next thing they expected to see was a beagle running out to greet the car. Usually, they can tell if our neighbour has taken me over to their house because Aunty C leaves her wooden door open so I can look out for my humans' return. Since her wooden door was closed, they expected their little beagle to be home. Their heart sank when no beagle came out. They quickly rushed next door to check with Aunty C.

There were lots of confusion as to where this beagle had disappeared to. As it turns out, at the very moment my humans returned home, Aunty C heard the sound of dog tags (I wear a tag with my name and my humans's phone number as well as my dog licence) tinkling on the back lane. Since she is very in-tuned with this beagle, she decides to check out the sound and pops out back where she found this very beagle sitting outside her house! Aunty C rescues me from the backlane, and brings me to the front for a happy reunion with my humans! My escapade left me exhausted!

The next day, my humans check out my potential escape routes. Despite reinforcing our wooden fence with extra dog fence to increase the height of the fence, they think I may have managed to climbed over the fencing, in between our house and Aunty C's house. This area had new muddy paw prints and fresh broken leaves from the potted plant next door.

A second possible escape route may be where our post box is. Either way, my humans continue to be perplexed at how a medium-sized, 8 year-old canine managed to climb over 6 to 7 foot fencing...

Can anyone enlighten them please?


The Thundering Herd said...

First of all, as a breed that is known as the master of escape, we salute you. Excellent work even if it does totally freak the humans out. We just hope your humans do not figure out about that low voltage hot wire that they sell for dogs (NOT the ones sold for cattle or horses). The humans can touch it themselves to see that it stings, but does not really hurt - but boy is it effective.

P.S. - Our human refers to our area as Sibe Quentin.

Kapitein Haakje said...

i do the same =D

El'bow & Hauwii

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

Bekhause we khan!

Haven't they seen the khlimbing beagle videos on YouTube?

Woo are as khlever as we Siberians khan be about getting out -

BUT we khan't help is what we know!

PeeEssWoo: Please don't do it again - it skhares all of us!

Molly the Airedale said...

Oh no! You're busted again, Kess! Next thing you know, your mom will be installing a webcam to spy on you!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Again?? Glad you went to your Auntie's house!
I really have no idea how you did it!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Cinnamon and Mint said...

Yay, well done, Kess! I think mysteries are better kept secret. I have escaped only once. At that time, I went out through the gate while a courier man was holding it open. It was so easy! No Beagle technique was required.

By the way, you mum told me that you also track other dogs' scent and get excited doing that. I think you and I would have made great sniffer dogs at the airport!

Fred said...

So glad you're OK! You are a true Houdini!

Agatha and Archie said...

KESS don't do that again Archie fainted when he read this he was sooooo nervous.. Love AA but it was a rather good exacape!!

Tee said...

Oh Kess! YOu must have made your humans really worried. When my young pups pull an escape stunt on her (she suspects they've been climbing fences too), she worries sick. It's a good thing i've trained them to come home after their adventures. Usually, exhausted. :P

LIcks and wags,

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack
Sarawak ;)

Thor and Jack said...

Don't do it again, Kess! Please!

Sapphire said...

u gave your mom and dad a cardiac arrest. glad u were found and didn't wonder off too far!

sapphire would 'sneak out' if the gates weren't close, but she doesn't try to escape.

be safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Kess - long time no woof! Am back from holiday (well, from the petsitter actually - it was my humans who went on holiday!) and catching up with all my blog friends!

Oh, you really are an escape artist, aren't you? But I'm glad you came home safely!

Honey the Great Dane


Wowsers, that is quite an escape story. About a week ago Dad took a shower whistled for us at the back but no collies. He went to the front door with only a towel on and there we were tails wagging. He left the back gate open when he took the trash out. Silly Dog Dad.

Essex & Deacon

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