Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Very Own Patch of Grass

After much delay, my humans have finally got me my very own garden patch of grass. Can't really call it a garden when what it actualy is, is a 3 by 4 ft plastic box filled with pebbles, soil and grass. So, I thought a patch of grass is more appropriate. I have to say though, it's quite a lovely patch of grass. Our neighbours are all quite impressed that we actually got real grass. Some of them got synthetic grass for their canines. My humans thought that the real thing would suit our needs better since this beagle is used to real grass back in Malaysia. My humans are grateful to the manager at our apartment who helped them source for the custom-built box and grass supplier. Otherwise, this would not have been possible. My little patch of grass is placed at our balcony. My humans did not let me out to the balcony for 1 week after the grass was planted so that the grass can take root properly. Finally, in the second week, they decided to introduce me to the grass patch. As always, this beagle is cautious when it comes to exploring new things and I gingerly climb onto the box and sniff.

I check out the Hong Kong view from the patch of grass:
I have a snooze on the patch of grass:
I did everything but pee on the patch of grass, which was why my humans got it for me in the first place! After a few days of failure, my humans thought of an idea. When they took me down to pee, they took a leaf that I had peed on and brought it back up to transfer the pee scent onto the grass. So the next morning, they opened the glass door to the balcony, fed me breakfast so that I would have to a full bladder, and stood in the cold balcony, encouraging me to pee. (The things our humans do for us...). Their perseverance pays off!
I still don't use the grassy patch on a regular basis, preferring to go downstairs instead. So my humans still have to take me downstairs for my night pee before bedtime. However, they now don't have to take me downstairs first thing in the morning. Instead, they open the balcony door and leave the option to me to pee there whilst they have breakfast. Sometimes, I'll pee on the grass and sometimes I just wait until my morning walk. Hey, it's a beagle's choice after all :-)


Molly the Airedale said...

Your hoomans are the best, Kess! Have you roached on your new patch of grass yet?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Sweet Jasmine said...

Lucky Kess who has got its own patch of grass. Yr humans mum n dad take care of you very well. Well done!

Sapphire said...

You look so comfy napping on that beautiful green grass! You have the best humans Kess! It's so good to know that life in HK is getting better for you and your family.


Your own grass, totally pawsome. You have some grrrreat hooomans.

Essex & Sherman

River said...

That is so cool. And the grass looks beautiful. It's great to have a choice!

love & wags,

alfiestar said...

awww Kess we love your patch of grass - you have a lovely mum and dad looking after you like that AwWrRrooOOoo from Star & Alfie x

Cinnamon and Mint said...

Is that small but beautiful private patch of grass meant to be used as toilet? But, it looks so soft and comfortable that I understand why you don't feel like peeing on it much.

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