Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clever ChokChai Farm Dogs

When my humans lived in Bangkok, they paid a visit to ChokChai Farm. It is located at Khao Yai, a national park around 1.5 hours drive from Bangkok. ChokChai is a working farm which produces beef and milk for local consumption. The farm is also open to the public as an agro tour spot to give tourists an opportunity to experience farm life. I will introduce the Chok Chai doggies to you. If you are interested to read about the rest of Chok Chai farm animals and tour, drop by my mama's blog "Life is A Journey. Enjoy It."

First off, the working farm dog. Every farmer appreciates the role the dog plays to keep the farm going smoothly. In ChokChai, they showcased the dog (I'll call him Lassie for simplicity") herding the sheep into the truck. It started off smoothly as Lassie expertly herded the sheep towards the pen. Then, disaster! Lassie fell off the plank in the chaos of the sheep rushing up. You could hear the visitors gasping (No, I don't think it was part of the performance) as Lassie yelped in pain. Lassie had injured his paw. But, a sheep dog being a sheep dog, he got up and with a limp continued to instruct the sheep to get into the truck. Brave Lassie. (Dad didn't take a picture of the fall as he was so concerned for Lassie).

The start of the plank walk

Sheep chaos

Brave Lassie finishing the herding

Next, mama Golden Retriever feeds a bottle of milk to orphan calf...
Last, but not least, the hoops and skipping rope poodles

Bravo to the clever ChokChai Farm Dogs!


Amber-Mae said...

Hey, ChokChai Farm is pawsome! I wanna go there but I don't think I can. Those doggies are sooo kewl too! I think I'd be too freaked out to feed that baby calf. Hehe!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Kess And Her Mama said...

The goldy looks just like you Amber. I reckon you could learn to feed the calf coz you know so many cool tricks!

Thor and Jack said...

Hi Kess,
ChokChai Farm looks like a great place! Those doggies are very smart! Lassie is so brave! So nice mama Golden feeding the orphan calf! Thanks for sharing to us.

Love licks

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hi Thor,
My humans really liked the farm. I wish I could have been there too.

Thanks for signing my guest book.