Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sit, Look Left, Look Right, OK!

Safety is paramount. So, road rules are very important for suburban doggies. My humans always makes me sit and stay before we cross a major road. They then look left, look right, and left again to ensure the road is clear before releasing me with the "OK" command. Initially, they tried to follow this rule at every road crossing, but because there were so many little roads, I would have ended up sitting every 5 minutes or so! So, now, it applies to major roads only.

The picture that mum took of me and dad, whilst not planned, shows me looking to the left, and dad looking to the right which fits in perfectly with look left and right before crossing!'s one of those Kodak moments!

Back to the road, let me tell you about a little adventure of mine. As you can see from the picture, this is a 4-lane road. Buses use this route and the road is busy during peak hours in the mornings and evenings. A couple of years ago, I decided to visit grandma and grandpa who live about 5km from our home. To get there, we have to cross this road. Now, mum & dad walk me to their place very often so I know the route by my "pee markings". So, one rainy afternoon, when mum & dad were at work, I wanted some company and climbed over the fence to make my way to gramps' home, which included crossing this busy road by myself. I arrived at gramps' home wet, but safe. They were pretty surprised to see me, to say the least. Until today, when we share this story, people are amazed that I made it without being injured in an accident or getting lost or dog-napped. Mum & dad are so thankful that God and His angels had their eye on me the whole journey. It was a lovely adventure for me, but I think I almost gave mum, dad, grandpa and grandma a heart attack! Pups, don't try this at home...


Amber-Mae said...

Good girl Kess! Well, my mommy used to ask me to do this but nowadays, she's too lazy to ask me to do this all the time. Anyway, I hardly listen so I'm glad. BOL! That was a scawie incident you had Kess. Never ever do that again ok? You were very lucky that you reached your gramp's house in one piece but who knows what will happen to you if you did it again next time. Notty girl but I bet it was a great adventure across the street!

Butt shakes,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kess!
It is very important to pay attention to the roads!
Sure that was a great adventure but please do not do it again! Scary!
Kisses and hugs

Kess And Her Mama said...

Amber & Lorenza, Mum is so glad that you gave me that advice and hopes that I'll listen. I'll try but I really don't like to be left home alone :-(

Ben & Darling said...

1st of all, I like that pic.

2nd, you are so good to listen to ya hooman command..I always make them listen to me. Hahaa

3rd, you are soooooooooooooooooooo smart & brave to make it all the way to gram's house. But thats very dangerous....and I think my hooman will get heart attack too is I did that.

slurpy licks,

Goofy said...

wow... u r so smart!!!
same as benben, if i do this, my mom gonna get heart attack!!


Sweet Jasmine said...

Oh, walk 5km all the way to gramps place on your own? If I had known I would have fainted. Guess you are too smart to be have anything happen to you on the road. But no matter how clever or how lonely you are its better to stay put at home than to take this risk. Who knows some bad greedy dog eaters might spot you and take you home for his dinner..ha.ha. *frighten??..woof..woof*

Kess And Her Mama said...

Ben*2, Goofy and Sweet Jasmine, I certainly didn't want to cause heart attacks or fainting spells! Doggies, I repeat, don't try this at home :-)

Thor and Jack said...

That was a great adventure! I ask you also: Do not do it again!

Be safe

Kess And Her Mama said...

Thor, My humans are glad you gave me the advice. I'll try...

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