Monday, May 5, 2008

Dog Whisperer

When mum and dad lived in Bangkok, they came across the Dog Whisperer on Bangkok cable. Cesar Millan is a renowned dog behaviour expert. The series "Dog Whisperer" showcased how Cesar helps dog owners with problematic dogs. More often than not, the dogs' behavioural problems are attributed to the owners actions, or inactions, eg. lack of leadership.

Cesar believes that humans must take the role of the leader of the pack with their dogs. (He has a new book called Be the Pack Leader). My humans were very impressed with how he was able to resolve the problematic behaviours. Often at the start of the program, they will have their doubts that the dog can be "cured" but with proper guidance by Cesar, most dogs exhibit much improved behaviour at the end. It is so amazing.

BTW, this is not a paid post. My humans found Cesar's program contained a lot of useful guidance and wanted to share this with fellow dog lovers. In fact, on our recommendation, one of dad's friends bought Cesar's book and now both his friend and daughter have gone on-line to watch some of the episodes as they prepare to bring a puppy home. National Geographic broadcasts the show but mum & dad have not been able to catch in in Malaysia. If you know the date and time of showing in Malaysia, drop me a note, OK. Happpy watching!


Xsara and Tani said...

There are several methods of dog-training and everybody should stick to the one that suits them and their dog the most. I don't believe in the alpha thing myself, at least not with Xsara. She is much more obedient if her motive for working is the fact that working is fun, because it's something she chooses to do and not something she is obliged to do just because I said so. I guess she is a lot like me :) But it's much more difficult to re-train a dog that already has bad habits than train from the puppyhood. Everything is easier if you work on your relationship with the dog since day 1.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Thanks for your feedback Xsara. Much appreciated. You're right that the motive for working should be fun. Often, the working dogs love their jobs as there is a reward when they do it well, e.g praise, food, pats, play. Whilst I'm not a working dog, when I obey my humans, I get lots of praise and sometimes a food treat. My humans still believe in the leader of the pack concept. We may do a follow up post on that as it would be interesting to explore that further. Thanks again.

Xsara and Tani said...

I also reward Xsara when she does a good job, but I think dogs perform better if they enjoy their job - in addition to the reward. It's the same with humans: there are people who do their job well and get payed for it, but don't really enjoy their work. And then there are those lucky ones who absolutely love their job and still get payed for doing it. They are motivated not only by the money, but also by the work itself. I think they will almost always do their job better, and also be more happy, which to me is more important than anything else.

It's a very interestnig subject, I can't wait to read your follow-up!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Well said. Thanks Xsara. Am planning to read up some more on this before I write the post.

Anonymous said...

Kess & Mom, we recorded every episode of the Dog Whisperer last year and replayed (so we can skip the commercials). Ceasar is very gifted and we were amazed at the success he has with his clients and their dogs. I only wish it would work on Bax and Charlie our cats. LOL.. I firmly believe that your parents have to be the pack leaders and when you are calm and submissive - everyone is happy. Xsara, most of us don't have our dream job to support our families so we have to learn to find joy somehow in whatever job we have whether we like it or not. What if the dog was happiest chewing up shoes or jumping on guests? IMHO dogs can learn to be calm and submissive at ANY age if the parent is willing to be the pack leader. It is Mother's Day here tomorrow. Kess will you tell your Mom Happy Mother's Day? Thanks! :)Susan

Kess And Her Mama said...

Thanks for your feedback Susan. My humans are pleased to know another Dog Whisperer fan. It never fails to amaze them at how the dogs are rehabilitated once the owners start taking leadership and exercising their dogs. Funnily enough, a lot of small dogs exhibit big behavioural problems (maybe because they are so tiny and cute). Keep working on Bax and Charlie!
PS. Mum says thanks.

Buddy and Mary said...

Hi Kess,
My name is Buddy and I am a German Wirehair rescue dog. My Mom rescues German wirehaired pointers. She brings a lot of lost furkids to our home to rehabilitate and get ready for adoption. I am said to be a well balanced ambassador, whatever that means. I have two sisters, both GWP's like myself, and two human brothers. Our current foster girls were on the Cesar site under success stories, (Mary Murray-Ks) and on the May 2008 newletter. Mom has been working on them using Cesar's Way, 'cause they were very sick, and scared. She is calm like me, and assertive. She has the "girls" wait for their dinner after a lot of exercise, and then gives them lots of attention. Sometimes it is hard on my sisters and me 'cause she does spend a lot of time with them. But Summer is here and Mom is a Kindergarten teacher, so we are getting two walks a day and lots more time with her. Just stopped by to say HI! Glad to read about another well balanced furkid like myself!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hi Buddy, Your mum is so amazing to foster troubled dogs! I'm sure she is glad that you're there to influence the other dogs with your calm, assertive energy...power of the pack! Thanks for dropping by. You're welcome to come by regularly.

Buddy and Mary said...

Thanks Kess!
I do my best to help the other dogs coming in cause they are so confused from their ordeal. Most of them come from high kill shelters, and are sick or emaciated. I was too when I came here as a puppy nearly eight years ago. Dad and Mom were so upset, cause I was just a puppy and was skin and bones. I couldn't get my shots cause I was too sick. I had been on my own lost in the countyside for a long time. I am a big German wire, so my Mom or Dad must have been bred for hunting the big geese or boar. My human Mom and Dad don't hunt, but get me out to the field for fresh air and I romp around seeing what I can find. Using Cesar's Way, Mom doesn't find it hard to change the dogs coming in at all. She has a structured method using Cesar's techniques, and we can see the change almost immediately.

We had Quigley come here to Kansas from a shelter in Wyoming. He had been in 5 homes in 3 months. Mom and I weren't sure what kind of dog he was, and Mom was ready. He rode with Trucker Tom (Tom helps us a lot), and Mom brought him home from a meeting place along the interstate. We soon realized "why" Quigley had made the rounds. He hiked his leg almost immediately on our sofa! Mom took care of it, and Quigley learned quickly that we just don't do this at all! All Quigley needed was leadership, like all of us. He was a great friend and adopted out to a wonderful home.
Kess, if you would like to see me, here is a video of me and just some of my friends that have come to live with me. Thanks Kess!
your new friend Buddy.

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