Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm A Star!

Woo hoo... I am so thrilled. I'm a Star in the Star!

I had a guest appearance on PawPrint, Weekender of the Star newspaper today. Mum has emailed my second post called "To BEagle or not to BEagle" from my blog to the Weekender early last month and had forgotten all about it. Then this morning, a friend sms-ed mum to say that I was in the Star. Of course, she and dad quickly went to the newstand to get a copy of the Star. There I was - on page WE10. Mum & dad were so proud of me. I would have liked to post a link to it for my non-Malaysian friends but unfortunately, the Star didn't post this article on-line. So, mum had to scan the article to reproduce it here.

Celebrity for a day...What a perfect ending to my birthday week.


Sweet Jasmine said...

Congratulation!...Kess, for being a Star for a day....didn't notice you on yesterday's paper....will show you to my family and friends...Cheers.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Thanks Sweet Jasmine. I did enjoy all the attention yesterday. But, fame only lasted for 1 day. It's back to normal today!

Thanks for signing my guest book.