Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bath Time

Bath time is not one of my favourite events. After all, doggies love rolling in the grass and in the mud. The smellier the better. So, I’m not sure why my humans seem to think bath is good for me. Despite my protests, I get a bath almost every weekend. I try to hide under the car, or under the table…But my humans know how to lure me out. They use Bacon Bits (the doggie version, not the human type,). It works everytime without fail. I can never resist it.

I can always tell when it’s “bath time”. Out comes the blue bucket, the towel, the shampoo, toothpaste and the toothbrushes. My bath routine starts with brushing my teeth. My humans use a toothpaste specially for canines and felines. Actually, it’s not too bad. It tastes a lil’ bit like liver paste…Brown and gooey. (No minty flavour for me!)

Then comes the proper bath time. First, I get doused with water. My humans are very careful to keep the insides of my ear dry.

Then, because my floppy ears tend to sweep my food bowl when I'm greedily gobbling my food, my lobes get a brush with a toothbrush (no, it's not the same one used to brush my teeth...) Again, my humans are careful not to get water into my ears.

Next, I am lathered with dog shampoo (yes, you saw correctly, it is in a handwash bottle, but I can assure you it's dog shampoo). Front paw, body, back paw, face (fortunately, the shampoo is a tear-free formula), tail - no body part is left unlathered.

Once my humans are satisfied that I am thoroughly clean, I get rinsed. Since I am getting wet anyway, I decided to have a drink of water.

Then comes my favourite parts, I shake off the water. If my humans are not quick enough, they get wet too. Hah! Hah!

I wriggle on the ground (sometimes I wriggle on the grass, depending on my mood). Hey, I have to get rid of the the yucky smell of the shampoo!). This is my superdog pose.

Finally, I get to play with my human when she tries to dry me with a towel. Hee...ha... After standing quietly as I get drenched and lathered, I get to have some fun at the end.

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