Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday Outing

I love weekends! That's when my humans have more free time for outings and long walks. Today, we visited an old friend, Uncle Bok Jae and his wife, Auntie Rock. I haven't seen him since I was a wee pup, so it was a wonderful little reunion. We doggies remember dog-lovers! I did miss Shadow though. Read about him at Bok Jae's blog entitled Doggie Day (27 March).

It also meant I got to go on a car ride, one of my favorite past times. Now, I'm an old pro when it comes to riding in a car, but today was a first for me riding in the boot of the SUV as my humans were car pooling with their friends. Since I wanted to get back to my normal spot at the back seat, I practiced my high-jumping technique from the boot. But I was "booted" back again... OK, I must admit that it is pretty cool watching everything from the back. I suppose the humans in the cars behind us were rather suprised to see a beagle staring at them.

After a quick pit stop to pick up delicious char siu and siu cheong(chinese roasted pork)(which unfortunately wasn't for canine consumption...), we headed to Uncle Bok Jae's home. Whilst the humans were busy feasting on char siu, siu cheong, green curry, grilled chicken, nyonya acar (pickled vegetable) and ngah choi...

I could only look in enviously, salivating ... Yes, yes, I know those type of human food isn't good for me, but hey, aren't the most delicious food not so healthy?

The humans finished off their meal with a scrumptious home-made dessert of caramel custard, compliments of Uncle Bok Jae and Auntie Rock.

Once they've had their fill of good food & good conversation, I finally got some attention when the humans adjourned to the garden. Oh what fun it was playing with Uncle Bok Jae!

And like my last trip back to nature, my outing ended with a lovely tummy rub, this time by little C, one of my kiddie human friends. What a life!


bokjae said...

Hey Kess, it was really a great time yesterday wasn't it? You are such a loving lass and love your kisses on my face! Lets get together more often ok? Stay cool and behave ok? Byeeee!

Tracy Tan said...

what fun! and what food :) Little C should have no trouble playing with Kess since he wasn't afraid to play with Max before!

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