Thursday, April 3, 2008

Corky & Pluto

My humans went up north to the Pearl of the Orient recently for a makan (eating) trip. But, this post is not to talk about the scrumptious hawker offerings, authentic Nyonya cuisine or fresh seafood. Rather, I want to introduce 2 canine buddies who live there - Corky, a 3 year old black labrador and Pluto, age unknown, a mixed breed with a dash of greyhound. My 2 buddies belong to my human's cousin and her husband.

Corky, like most labradors is good-natured, amiable and gentle. Even from puppy-hood, he was the strong, quiet type. His humans chose him from a pack of puppies as he just sat there and looked at them with his soulful eyes, whilst the other puppies were clambering and yelping for attention. A large breed dog, he is a little bit like a gentle, contented, lumbering giant.

In contrast, Pluto, a former street-roaming canine is quick, agile and super-competitive. Even though he doesn't like water, he will jump in just because Corky is in the water. His motto is "Anything Corky can do, I can do too!" Pluto joined this family in a round-about manner. He just appeared at the door-step (literally) of May's brother's home in KL one day and refused to leave for 3 days. It was almost as if he decided that he had enough of roaming and was ready to adopt a family. May's brother enlisted her help and to cut a long story short, Pluto joined her family and relocated to Penang. It was a challenging time for the former street-roamer to learn to live with humans but thanks to lots of love, discipline, persistence and training, Pluto is happily integrated into the home.

Both dogs enjoy the great outdoors! My humans joined them on their weekly hike up a hill in Penang. Pluto would run up ahead to explore the territory and chase monkeys, whilst Corky was contented to walk behind the last humans... Pluto earned the admiration of a group of humans who were going down hill when he scaled up the steep embankment effortlessly in his pursuit of the monkeys! Unfortunately, all this happened to quickly to be captured on the camera...

Corky and Pluto is a great example of how 2 dogs from different breeds and backgrounds can be great pals. All it took were 2 generous and loving humans to bring them together!

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