Saturday, January 30, 2010

Home Improvement

My humans decided that our house needed some sprucing up for the new year. They claim that the tropical weather and a certain active beagle has taken its toll on the walls and fencing. (I have no idea where the scratches and paw marks came from mum, honest!) Since, they're not exactly in the same league as "Tim the Toolman Taylor" of the Home Improvement sitcom, they decided to hire some painters to help give our home a new look. Mum was designated chief supervisor by default since she works from home. This beagle was naturally her second-in-command. My job description:

1) Sniff out the equipment (Beagles do this best)

This vacumn cleaner looking machine is actually a high powered spraying machine to clear off the old paint, dust and grime from the exterior walls and roofs.

2) Check out the workers during their break

3) Take a break when the workers are working - Hey, it's exhausting being the second-in-command.

All in all, it took two weeks for the job to be done. Things are back to normal now. No more workers, paint cans, buckets, newspapers, ladders all over the house and garden. No one is happier than mum! No more cleaning up after the workers leave each day...

So here's a sample of the before (bright orange zest feature wall)...

...and after (subtle O'Keefe Grey colour)

Aah...home sweet home

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kess in A Tree

I did say I wanted some excitement in my beagle life in my last post. Well, I got some. My sharply-honed beagle nose sniffed out an intruder in our backyard. Now mum believes "Why keep a dog and bark yourself" (literally! It actually means you should not do something you hired some one else to do). So she gave me free reign to chase off the intruder, aka the pesky squirrel.

I tell you, these squirrels are the bane of my existence. Despite my clearly marked territory, they insist on scampering on MY ledges, MY trees and MY garden. In fact, there are days when they sit on the wall ledge and stare into my house, saying "Na na na cannot catch me" (if squirrels could talk that is). Of course, they only do that when our glass door is closed and I can't get to them. Grr...It makes me so mad. "Let me at em, mum!" So, it was with great satisfaction that I was able to scare this pesky intruder off, even if it means I have to climb a tree and chase them off! Watch out squirrels, this watchdog is hard at work.

Check out my leg muscles...
My incredible balancing act... "And don't you dare come back, you pesky squirrel!" Check out the video on this beagle hard at work.

P.S. Mum took these action shots on her IPhone. We're pretty impressed by how they turned out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hard at Work

2010 - We're now on the 7th day of a brand new year. Happy New Year everyone! Don't let the title of the post mislead you. This beagle is not the one who's hard at work. In fact, this is how I spend my days...

That's right...lazing around at my mum's home office whilst she's busy doing research on the computer and doing stuff for some database. If you're wondering about my "grumps" look, mum interrupted me from my ZZZs when she tried to take a photo. You would wake up too if you had a flashy thing in front of your face!

In fact, my humans love to take pictures of me whilst I'm sleeping. Do your humans do that too?

So far, it's been a pretty uneventful start to the year. Come on mum - time to add some excitement to my canine life! I'll be coming by to catch up with everyone soon. Cheers!

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