Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Usagi - All is Well!

As expected, the T8 signal was hoisted for Typhoon Usagi on Sunday evening. Thankfully though, the storm weakened as it approached Hong Kong from a severe tropical storm to a tropical storm. We were safe in our home and was well protected from the strong winds and rains. On Monday morning, the T8 signal was removed around 9.30 am and we were able to go for a walk. There were a lot of fallen leaves and branches, but no major damage.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Where to start? Typhoons first...

So much has happened since Mia joined our family, that I honestly don't know where to start...

Let's start with the weather...One week after Mia arrived, HK was hit with Severe Typhoon Utor, which resulted in a T8 warning signal hoisted. Utor was closest to the city at around 250 kilometres to the southwest of Hong Kong.
Whilst the winds howled outside our window, Mia was oblivious to the havoc Typhoon Utor was wreaking outside as she kept busy with her chew toy.

 After the storm had passed, we were finally able to take a walk after being cooped indoors for a whole day. As expected, there were a lot of debris on the road, with fallen branches and leaves all along the road.
We are now bracing for the second typhoon to hit Hong Kong since Mia arrived. Typhoon Usagi is going to be nasty. It is supposed to be the strongest storm on the planet so far, with winds as strong as 260km per hour. Unlike Utor, which did not directly head towards Hong Kong, Severe Typhoon Usagi looks to be heading directly towards our city. For the moment, the T3 signal is hoisted. We are expecting a T8 signal to be hoisted before night fall. We'll keep you posted.


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