Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A beagle's weekend at Puppy Cottage

Last weekend, my humans went away for a short break. Now usually, I get to stay at one of my two gramps' homes but this time, my humans were going away with both sets of gramps. Mum had done lots of research on canine boarding before deciding on Puppy Cottage. The major plus factor is that the dogs get to roam around freely in a secured area, instead of being kept in a cage the entire time. The only time the dogs are caged is at night during bedtime.

It really was quite a fun experience. I've never been let off-leash with so many other dogs before. Most of my fellow canine boarders were small dogs, mainly terriers. When there is a pack of dogs, you can be assured of lots of excited barking dogs zooming around. Dad's camera can't cope with the speed of canine movements. Hence, you get an almost surreal effect.

R, from Puppy Cottage commented that I was one of the most well-behaved beagles they've boarded. When my humans related that comment to gramps and the rest of the family, they laughed. I guess they were surprised given the mischief I get into when I stay at gramps place.

Did I enjoy my stay at the Puppy Cottage? The smile on my face says it all.

Despite the fun time I had at Puppy Cottage, I was ready to go home with my humans.

See ya fella boarders. Be good!

Hop on to the car to go back home. Woohoo!

Followed by a nice long walk

All in all, this beagle had a pretty fun weekend. Despite being away from my humans, I made lots of new friends at Puppy Cottage. My humans are glad to have found a safe place where I can be boarded without being caged up whenever they travel. So, it's a solution that works out well for all of us. Humans and beagle are happy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kess' Top 5 Sunny Day Activities + 1

Living in a tropical country sure is fun. In my last post, "The Creative Beagle", I talked about how thunderstorms inspire this beagle's inner creativity (a.k.a. destructive behaviour much to my humans' chagrin). Now, sunny days are a whole different story altogether. Sunny days are for indulging in:

1. Sleeping - A beagle's favourite pasttime!

2. Eating - If possible, this beagle would be snacking the whole day. Unfortunately, my humans don't agree...Sigh!

3. Stretching and scratching - A good stretch to loosen the limbs and a good scratch to ease the itch!

4. Playing - I love to play tug of war over my leash with my human.

5. Walking - Which beagle doesn't like to go for long walks on a sunny day?

There you have it - this beagle's top 5 sunny day activities. What's the "+1" you ask?

6. Posing (Mum snuck this in. It's more of mum's favourite activity rather than mine...From what I can tell, the obsession with posing and picture taking of their favourite canine is a human thing. My fellow bloggers seem to share this in common with me)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The "Creative" Beagle

I'm not sure what it is about thunderstorms, but I always get inspired to be "creative", especially, when my humans are not at home. (Kess' mama: If you read between the lines, "creative" = "mischief"). There was that one time, I decided to help mama with some gardening and cut down the red palm. I don't know why she didn't appreciate my efforts. It was a lot of hard work for a little beagle like me to trim the large red palm. Of course, this beagle never would have thought that my human didn't want it cut down!

There was another time, I decided to help bring down the curtain for a wash. Of course, I couldn't reach the top, so I ended up tearing the bottom part instead...Whoops! Then there was one time when I wanted to refinish the shoe cabinet, so I scratched the side of the door to strip out the laminate...I guess you get the picture by now...

Anyway, last weekend, my humans were out for dinner. As it happens, it rained cats and dogs that night, complete with thunder and lightning. During dinner, the entire family speculated on what mischief this beagle would be up to. With fear and trepidation, my humans returned home. What would they come across? They stepped into the house gingerly, eyeing the living and dining room carefully. Everything looks normal. Phew! Mum called gramps to report that all is well...until dad entered the kitchen and came across this scene...

This beagle had decided to bake some bread. After all, I have seen my humans bake bread on their nifty bread machine all the time. I figured it would be really easy. The bread flour was on the lower rack, within my reach. I'll just get it out and measure it carefully before putting it into the bread machine. I kinda forgot that the bread machine was kept away in the pantry cupboard.

My humans thought that since this beagle made the mess, this beagle should clean it up...

Three guesses as to who ended cleaning up the spilled flour?

Anyway, mama, don't cry over spilled flour (eer...) I mean milk (To cry over spilled milk is to remain upset about a past loss). Needless to say, our household did not have any bread for breakfast the next day.

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