Thursday, November 27, 2014

We are back! Curious Mia

Hi everyone! As always, absence from the blogging world is always the human's fault. Now that our human has caught a break, we figured it's time to update our blog.

Would you believe that Mia has been with us for more than a year? She joined our family last summer and now it seems like she has been with us forever. Mia is one curious beagle. She is always checking things out. Check it out...

Mia checks out her reflection on our bookshelf mirror. "Hmm...I really am quite a cute beagle"
 Checking out the flower pot...
Sticking her head into our friend's bag...As it turns out, she had a bar of chocolates in her bag meant for my humans. Thankfully, little Mia didn't get her teeth into those chocs.
Checking out the view on our walks.

Checking out dinner before it's served.
Watching the world go by from our front window...

Checking out the camera taking her picture.

Checking out the other doggies at the park
Last but not least, something we both love to do- checking out the ground for any food bits!


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