Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This ol' beagle turns 12

What a journey! I turn 12 today. This was me six years ago:

This is me today!
Back then, whilst I had started showing white fur on my face and ears, I still had a deep black and brown coat. Now, I have turned very fair as the whites have overtaken the brown and black. My humans think that I have aged gracefully.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is my love for food! From chewy bone treats to my regular kibbles - I love them all. My humans always make an effort to give me something special on my birthday. So today, Mia and I got a Zuke's Clean Apple Crisp Z-Bone for tea (which is a treat as we don't usually get tea).
Then for dinner, in addition to our regular kibbles, we had a lovely addition of thinly sliced beef on a bed of rice topped with some carrots. Naturally, we both gobbled dinner down in record time.

But that was not all. My humans had one more trick up their sleeve. We don't usually get dessert either but today we did, thanks to my humans' Japanese friend who had bought us a pack of dog pudding. My humans had kept that away for a special occasion and today was that special occasion! Woo hoo!

Unlike me, Mia is usually hesitant in trying unfamiliar food. She will taste the texture, spit it out and try to figure out if she should eat it.

Mia looking at me finishing my dessert in one bite.

Since she still couldn't make up her mind if she should eat her pudding, I decided to help her eat it. But, typical beagle, she defends her pudding and quickly pops it into her mouth and move away from me. It took her another minute or so to finally eat it, but she definitely wasn't going to let me eat it for her. Silly Mia!

As far as birthdays go, today was a good one! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mia and Her Funny Bed Habits

Mia and I each have our own beds although it's no longer clear which bed belongs to which beagle. Why? Well, Mia, who has a more dominant nature, has a bad habit of taking whichever bed she feels like, even if I'm on it! Sometimes she tries to sneak into my bed whilst I'm asleep.

Other times, she just blatantly plonks her butt on the bed to get me to move out. Since I have a more easy-going nature, I end up vacating my bed and moving to the other bed.

The other funny habit that Mia has is that she loves to un-make her bed. My humans always place a rug over our beds. That way, they can remove the rug for washing since our beds can't go into the washing machine. In winter, we get a fleece blanket as well. Mia does not like having the rug or the fleece blanket on the bed and she would start looking for the edges to pull it away, leaving a scrunched up rug and/or blanket somewhere on the bed or around the bed. What is worse is that she would un-make one bed, decides that she doesn't like that bed and takes my bed and un-makes that one too!


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