Friday, August 31, 2012

Doggie Toilet

The HK government means well. They've set up bricked patches designated as doggie toilet (sign and all) around the parks and residential areas. To be honest, this beagle is not sure how effective the doggie toilets are. Personally, I've never used the doggie toilets, or "dog latrine", preferring the surrounding area next to these doggie toilets. . In fact, my humans had to bribe me to get on to the toilet to get this picture. The things I do for a treat...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sun and Storm

While my human is busy working in her home office, this beagle enjoys a spot of sunbathing. What can I's a dog's life!

It hasn't been all sunshine here in Hong Kong. Two weeks back, Hong Kong was hit by Tropical Storm Vicente, the strongest typhoon to hit the country in 13 years. HK issued a Typhoon 10 signal, the first Typhoon 10 signal since 1999. With winds reaching up to 220 km/h (140 mph), the storm wreaked havoc bringing down trees, sending debris flying and bringing the country to a halt. Schools and businesses closed, whilst public transportation and flights were suspended. The winds and rain was so strong that rain seeped through our windows!

One week after the storm, the streets still hasn't been cleared of the fallen trees. There was just so much clean-up that had to be done!

Thankfully, all is back to normal now.

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