Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beagle turned 10...(2 weeks ago)

I'm alive and well folks in case you're wondering about the very long silence...As usual, it's my human's fault. She has been on the road or in the air and have not had time to blog. So, this beagle's birthday blog is 2 weeks late. Yeap, I am now now 10 years old. Old age is catching up. I am very much whiter now. This was me when I was 6 years old.
This is me at 10 years old. See how much fairer I am?
I'm also on daily glucosamine and propalin for joint and urinary control. I may need to get a thorough dental check-up(which unfortunately requires going under general anesthetic...My humans are still considering this and would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.) I need to stretch more before I get up and I can't go for super long walks anymore. But, my appetite is great and life is generally good. Anyway, for my birthday treat this year, my human found a healthy cookie recipe that combined all my favourite food - banana, carrot and apple. The result - a very happy beagle and friends(my canine neighbours each got a cookie too).
My humans also gave me a yummy dinner of chicken and carrot on a bed of rice and kibbles. Needless to say, this beagle did not leave anything on the bowl. Not a bad birthday treat at all :-)

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