Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dog Day followed by An Evening of Cats and Dogs

It's a strange title for a post. No, this beagle hasn't gone bonkers. Let me explain. It'a actually a description of the weather we had in KL yesterday. During the day, it was incredibly hot and balmy! Even with all the windows and doors closed, curtains drawn, we felt like a turkey roasting in an oven, hence the phrase "Dog Day" (which means hottest time of the year). Thankfully, mum works from home. So, we were both holed up in her air-conditioned home office. She was busy working (which explains my long absence from the blogging sphere), and as usual, this beagle was busy doing what beagles do best...ZZZ!

As hot as it was during the day, the fickle weather brought us a major thunderstorm with the full works in the evening - howling winds, spears of lightning and roars of thunders, hence the second part of my title "An Evening of Cats and Dogs, or more accurately "Raining cats and dogs". Once again, we were safe from the elements of Mother Nature as we were still holed up in mum's home office (Yes, mum was still busy meeting her deadline). I spoke too soon. Without any warning, we lost power. (We found out later that a tree branch had fallen onto the power line). The lights went off and the fan stopped spinning. Luckily, mum was working on her lap top so it went on battery mode when the electricity was cut off. Otherwise, she would have lost some work.

Humans are so reliant on power. Last night, we went for 4 hours without any. What? No TV, no internet, no lights, no fan, no air-conditioning...How do they survive? What do they do to pass time? Well, they lit some candles in the house (This beagle thought it was quite romantic), took out the deck chairs and sat outside for some cool night air to watch the world go by. Not a bad way to spend the night, if you ask me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Who could believe the gall of this young cat? It actually came into MY back yard. Initially mum let me out to chase the cat thinking that this cat would be smart enough to quickly climb out of my garden. I don't know who was sillier, mum or the cat, coz the cat did not leave. And so, there we were, a beagle barking frantically at the cat, and the feline intruder trying to "make" itself bigger and hissing away.

Finally mum had to drag a very unhappy beagle into the house and closed the gate, hoping that the cat would finally go away. When she didn't see the cat, she let me out the second time. The silly cat still had not climbed out. Instead, it was hiding behind a flower pot. Duh! It didn't even take this beagle a nano second to sniff it out. At this stage, mum finally clued in that this cat was probably too frightened to climb out. So, she secured me in the house again (but why?), opened the door leading to the back alley, and prodded the cat so that it would emerge from the hiding place and leave via the open door. It worked!

That cat had better not come back again coz this beagle is on fence patrol from now on.

P.S. Now you know why the phrase "Fighting like cats and dogs" is so apt!

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