Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mia is two!

Time sure flies. Before we know it, Mia turned two this month. What does it mean for her and our household? She is taller and has overtaken me, Kess in height. But more importantly, she has started to mellow. My humans used to wonder at her incredible amount of energy. They always said that Mia doesn't gradually grow tired. She used to be hyper, hyper and then she knocks out...zzz... But now, Mia is so much calmer. She still loves to play (aka doggie sumo wrestling) and chase me or our other doggie pals. She is still as affectionate as ever. But she doesn't have that crazy high level of trouble-finding energy, for which my humans are thankful.

Happy Birthday Mia!

This is how we celebrated Mia's birthday:
A walk at our favourite country park

Playing with Ms. D, Mia's Jack Russell pal

Chilling under the sun

A steak birthday dinner

Kess and Mia - best buddies

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