Friday, December 31, 2010

The Bone from Christmas

My humans got me a two-in-one Christmas gift - A Chew N Kleen Knot Bone. You can tell from its name that it serves dual purpose - not only is it for a beagle's enjoyment, it cleans my teeth at the same time!

Naturally, before I was able to indulge in my doggie treat, I had to sit and wait until my humans gave the "OK" command.

So on Christmas evening, whilst my humans were pigging out on mum's homemade chinese barbeque pork (char siu) and Aunty Pat's fried calamari...

...this beagle was busy trying to "unknot" my bone.

This continued to Boxing Day...

On December 27th...At this stage, this beagle was not making a lot of progress. I hate to admit it but my mouth just isn't big enough for this bone. My human took pity on me and decided to "unknot" one end to help me out. My goal was to get to the yummy chicken strip sandwiched between the hide.

On December 28th... I was only halfway through.

On December 29th... I was still at it.

On December 31st... Gnawing this knotted bone sure is tiring!

I hope your Christmas treats kept you as busy as mine did! Happy 2011 everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pre-Christmas bath

"Kess girl, you need a bath. You need to look good for your Christmas photo..." This beagle's reaction's to my human's dreaded "BATH" word was...

That's right...Crawl underneath the car to escape bath time.

Unfortunately my humans are wise to this beagle's trick and has their own trick up their sleeve. They lure me out with a yummy liver treat. Now you tell me, which beagle, actually let me rephrase that...which canine can resist a liver treat?

Once I was out from under the car, I trodded slowly towards the bath area. Sigh...Outwitted again.

Once I'm in the bath area, I'm a model of good behavior as my humans thoroughly clean me.

Towel time is my favourite part of bath time coz I get to play tug of war with my humans. For some strange reason, my humans think it's funny to drape the towel over me me so that I look like Emperor Nero!

Anyway, after I was nice and clean, it was Christmas photo time. Oh well, a bath is a small price to pay. After all, it's the season for giving, right? Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!Save some turkey for me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Typical Day in A Beagle's Life


Go for a walk and scavenge for pre-breakfast tit bits

Eat breakfast - 1/2 cup kibble (now you know why I have to supplement my meals with scavenging!)

Dig a hole to China - very little progress so far...

Check for pesky squirrels and cats who hide out in our bamboo tree

Scratch an itch - aahh...feels so good

Laze around in the cool of the house on a hot balmy afternoon

Bark at pesky junk mail delivery boys who clog up our mailbox

Walk again - I wonder what new scents I'll sniff out in the evening...

Eat again - another measly 1/2 cup of kibble

Good night!

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