Monday, January 30, 2012

A Beagle Explores the Hong Kong Trail

Many people associate Hong Kong with this...Buildings and crowd.

True, Hong Kong is densely populated and heavily built up. But, Hong Kong is also this...Country parks and greenery.

Once my humans bought a set of wheels, we've been spending our holidays and weekends exploring the surrounding country parks. The cool weather is ideal for humans and beagle alike to go on long walks on parts of the Hong Kong trail. The Hong Kong trail is a 50km walking route which spans from the east to the west of Hong Island and passes through five country parks. So far, my humans and I have mainly explored the trails in the Aberdeen Country Park.

At the beginning of autumn last year, we checked out the Aberdeen Reservoir...The weather was warmer then and my humans could still go in T-shirt and shorts.

On another trip, we admired the view of the Happy Valley Race Course from the Black Link's trail.

Further down the Black Link's trail, we enjoyed the lush green hills and breathed in fresh clean air. The weather has cooled considerably and out came the jumpers and long pants.

One time, we explored Lady Clementi's trail, a lovely shaded trail with quaint stone bridges and gentle meandering paths.

This beagle can't wait for my next country park outing!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best buddies and a new winter outfit

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a busy year end for my humans and me. My humans' family came over to spend Christmas with us and all the humans had fun shopping, eating and sightseeing. What about this beagle? Well, I had fun hanging out with Cutie A, my little buddy.

On a separate note, I mentioned earlier that this beagle is experiencing her first cold season. I've started growing more fur on my belly as my body adjusts to the cooler temperatures. My humans also got me a fleece blanket for my bed and I now get to sleep in my human's bedroom because it's warmer. Well, we experienced a spell of cold weather, down to the low teens (Celcius). I know that compared to my blogging pals who live on the higher latitudes, this is mild weather but for this beagle who's lived her entire life in the tropics, it's pretty cold. So, I've started to pull back to go home whenever we start going for our walks. My humans finally decide to get me a coat, not knowing if I would actually wear it. Back in Malaysia, they used to tease me by putting on an old t-shirt and I would wiggle my way out of the t-shirt. They were pleasantly surprised that I did not try to get this coat off.

Now I can enjoy my long walks even in the cold :-)

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