Monday, August 12, 2013

Kess & Mia

For eleven years, I have been the sole beagle in our household. Well, all that has changed. Meet Mia - the latest beagle addition to our family! I have to say I am a little weary about having a very active beagle pup in my home, but my humans have been pretty good to make sure that both beagles get along. They did research before Mia arrived to find out what's the best way to introduce a young pup to an old dame. They got new supplies for the pup so that I don't have to share with the newcomer.

Mia arrived on a sunny summer day. She wasn't happy being in a crate - I know the feeling, Mia.

My humans kept me at home whilst they took Mia for a short walk to let her adjust to the new surroundings. After a while, Mia and I met at a nearby playground where we proceeded to sniff each other out in typical doggie fashion. The meeting went well and we walked home together.
It's only been a week but Mia has totally adjusted to being in our family. She is a very affectionate  beagle pup with tonnes of energy. My humans have to make sure that she doesn't disturb me too much. Despite having her own bed, she likes to use mine. Let's just say the first few nights were pretty restless for humans and beagles. It's improving and Mia is now happy to stay on her bed and I don't mind if she's close by.

Mia has lots of play time and loves to play with her duckie toy.  My humans call her speedy Gonzales because she runs like the wind!

 Last weekend, Mia had her first bath since arriving. Unlike me, she loves the water and would chase after the water when my humans water the plant with the hose. But like me, she is not too crazy about bath time either.

 Mia is also very clever. She only had one training session with my humans and she quickly learn how to sit for treats. We beagles will do anything for food.
All in all, we are all happy to have Mia in our family. She really is a sweet, fun and loving pup. Welcome to our family, Mia!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Loving my garden!

After 2 years of not having a proper garden (the grass patch in the balcony doesn't really count), my humans and I are rediscovering the pleasure of a garden.

From this beagle's perspective, nothing beats the joy of sunbathing in the garden. Notwithstanding the fact that it's been a really wet summer (at the time of writing, the rains are pounding down as severe tropical storm Jebi was about 450 kilometres south-southwest of HK. Whilst Jebi is not expected to hit HK directly, its effects are definitely felt, as a T3, strong wind signal no 3 has been hoisted since dawn).

Still on lovely sunny days, this beagle enjoys sitting, lying and wriggling in the garden!

The other side benefit of having a garden in the backyard is that I no longer have to take the long way down, which involves going down 20 over floors on the lift, walking down the driveway to the small woody area to pee. In my mind, the best benefit is that I get to eat breakfast faster as it takes me no time to run upstairs to the kitchen after my morning pee! Remember how my humans were concerned about this old beagle going up the stairs? Well, ever since they've added fish oil capsules to my diet, I've had a new lease on life and my humans are amazed at how fast I get upstairs, especially when motivated by food!
Last but not least, I no longer have to have a bath in the cramp, slippery bath-tub. Of course, I would prefer not to have a bath at all, but since my humans vetoed that suggestion, I suppose it's much nicer to have a bath in the spacious garden. Plus, if my humans are not attentive enough, I get to wriggle in the garden after my bath. Ha! Ha!


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