Friday, March 25, 2011

Fenced Down

This beagle is turning 9 next month. I suppose I'm considered a senior citizen, although in some countries, you have to be 60 to be eligible for senior citizen's discount - I'm 6 months in doggie years, or about 3 human years short of that. My humans certainly think I'm a senior canine. Since last year, they've started restricting my climbing up and down the stairs of our double-storey house during the day due to concerns about my hip. In my youth, I've climbed 7 foot fences, which also means, I've had to jump off 7 foot fences. No wonder, my vet recommended that I take glucosamine!

My human mum's home office is in one of the rooms upstairs. This means that she goes up and down quite a few times during the day. Naturally, this beagle, whom she calls "Her Little Shadow" tends to follow her. Well, since they've put up the darn doggie fence, I'm now fenced down during the day and am only allowed to go up during bedtime. However, this wily beagle sometimes outsmarts them. Since this is a mobile fence, made up of two doggie fences hooked together, my humans sometimes forget to put the fence by the stairs in the morning. So, right after they have the breakfast, I anticipate when they'll be going upstairs to get ready for work, and quickly run up the stairs before they can blink. Hah!

So, every morning, it's a battle of wits - my human's forgetful memory vs. this beagle's determination. At some stage during the day, my human will remember to put up the fence. This is what you see when that happens...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Monkey and the Dog

The reckless monkey

The hunting dog

Kess was so upset with the monkey, she did not stop barking until the monkey was out of sight!

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