Friday, May 28, 2010

Beagle Patrol hits a Jackpot!

What's with the animals in my neighbourhood? First, it was the cat and the kitten who decided to make the bamboo tree in my backyard their home. Now, this beagle has spotted another intruder in our front yard. A tree shrew or what it's known as "tupai" in Malaysia decided to occupy our benjamin fig tree in our front yard. I tell you between patrolling the front and back yard, this beagle needs reinforcement against the neighbourhood pests.

In one of those rare moments, my human managed to record this beagle in action and even managed to catch the shrew in action. Be warned though, you really need to have sharp eyes to spot that conniving shrew jumping across the branches midway through the one-minute video.

Unfortunately, this beagle was not successful in hunting down the shrew. It started to drizzle shortly after this video was shot. Whilst, I wasn't about the let the shrew off the hook so easily (after all what's rain but a little water???), my human decided to carry me back into the house, muddy paws and all. I can't believe I had to suffer such indignity!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A treat for a beagle from Japan

My fellow bloggers will know that my humans have a travelling bug. Apart from this beagle, travelling the world is one of their passions in life. Luckily for me, they come home with treats for me, well, most of the time anyway. They recently came back from Japan with a suitcase full of delicious treats...of which only, two packets are for me. The rest, they say are for human consumption. Such piggies!

In the midst of the souvenier and delectable food stores, my humans stumbled across this lovely pet store at the Nakamise Market in Tokyo. I reckon, I've trained them well to spot pet stores. The pet store is the one on the right.

They also have lovely dog figurines. Did you see the beagle? Sure looks like me.

Anyway, this beagle was able to sniff that the packages contains treats that this beagle loves. So, in my excitement...

My humans said that that jumping on the treat was unacceptable behaviour for a lady beagle. Who wants to be a lady? I just want the food! Still, house rules are house rules...

Finally, after one suspenseful minute of sitting, I was rewarded for good behaviour. It took me less than 2 seconds to tear the wrapping apart.

My humans got me tasty pig ear treat, at least that's what they think they bought. My humans don't speak Japanese, and the Japanese shop owner doesn't speak English...Still, from the packaging it sure looks like a treat for a beagle, don't you think?

Gotta go, got myself a pig ear to chew on for a while...

P.S. My humans say due to my recent weight gain from my stay at the Puppy Cottage, they're rationing my treats. Not only do I get one pig ear today, I only get to open the second package at a time to be determined later. Sigh!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Casualty of Border Patrol

We have a lovely bamboo tree in our back garden. For reasons beyond this beagle's comprehension, other animals seem to love this bamboo tree. Remember my January post about the pesky squirrel that hid in the tree? Anyway, this beagle always checks this tree out every time I do border patrol.

Guess, what I found one morning? A cat and her kitten, hidden behind the bamboo tree! Naturally, I barked loudly to alert my humans about the intruders. Before they could run to the back yard, the mommy cat made a dash across the pathway with this beagle in frantic pursuit. In her panic, she could not climb the wall in time and there was a confrontation between this beagle and a hissing she-cat. She finally made her escape, leaving muddied prints on the wall.

Knowing that this beagle would not be able to resist checking out the poor kitty, my human dad decided to remove the kitten, careful to avoid leaving a human scent on the little one. He placed the kitten in a box filled with newspapers and left it on the back alley for the mommy to rescue. Thankfully, the mommy cat did come back for her kitten.

And what about this beagle? Naturally, I had to check out the area again and again. My humans placed a plastic pot to prevent any univited guests of the feline breed from making a home there.

That's not the end of the story. Later, my humans discovered a wound on my cheek. The angry she-cat had scratched my face during our encounter. Well, a beagle has to do what a beagle has to do. Even if it means suffering a nasty wound from a hissing she-cat during border patrol. It's been 2 weeks since that incident. There is still a mark on my cheek. My humans hope that the scar will completely fade away with time.

P.S. Remember my last post on which did treat I ate first? It's baguette, followed by beef pattie and carrots. Looks like Martha and Bailey, as well as Honey share my taste bud!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A birthday feast fit for Kess the Beagle

There is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The same is true for a beagle. My humans, knowing this beagle's heart, decided that the best birthday treat for my eighth birthday is food, food and more food.

Note: this post comprises of lots of pictures of food. So, my fellow dog bloggers, proceed at your own risk if you haven't eaten. This beagle will not be responsible for any damage to computer keyboards as a result of excessive drool!

To kick off the celebration on Thursday, instead of my usual 1/2 cup of Innova kibbles for breakfast, I had a hard-boiled egg, with half a yolk. Mum said yolks are high in calorie, so she removed half.

Unfortunately, mum had a project due on that day and could not make the special home-made dog treat for dinner . But she made up for it the next day with a homemade beef burger pattie. Mum says it is unbelievably simple and can be combined with the makings of a human dinner and muttered something about killing two birds with one stone (I don't think she meant it literally!).

Kess' birthday dog burger pattie recipe:
300 - 500 gm lean minced beef
1 egg, beaten
1 slice of bread, crumbed
1/4 to 1/2 cup milk

Preheat the oven to about 375 degree fahrenheit (190 degree celcius).

Mix the ingredients above. Use a tablespoon to scoop a large portion of the mixed minced beef. Flatten to a pattie. Repeat for as many as you wish to give your dog.

Kess' mama's meatball recipe
For human dinner, season the balance of the minced beef with salt, pepper and herbs. Scoop into meatballs/patties, as desired.

Lay the doggie home-made treat and the meatball for human dinner on a lightly-oiled tray. Bake for about 20 minutes. Let it cool before serving this healthy and delicious treat to your very excited dog. This beagle had her beef pattie served on a bed of sliced raw carrots and a slice of freshly-baked wholemeal baguette.

For humans, cook some pasta and serve with a classic tomato sauce.

The results:

Dessert was also very healthy - an apple, de-seeded. Apparently, an apple a day keeps the doctor (our in this beagle's case - the VET) away.

Burrrppp..this is one happy beagle! What a great way to turn eight years old.

A birthday quiz - Which did Kess eat first?:
1) Beef pattie
2) Wholemeal baguette
3) Carrots

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