Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tutti Frutti for a Beagle

It was a weeknight errand outing for this beagle and my humans. On the way home, my humans decided to stop by Tutti Frutti, a new yoghurt ice cream parlor. Unfortunately, like most eating places in Malaysia, canines are not allowed so I had to wait in the car whilst my humans enjoyed a tub of delicious Berri Tutti Frutti in the shop. My patience was rewarded! Because I was so well-behaved and did not bark at anyone, my humans decided to save me some Tutti Frutti yoghurt ice cream for me to eat at home.

"Hurry up's my turn to have some Tutti Frutti..."

"Sigh...OK. I know the drill. I have to sit first"


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beagle on Board

One of my favourite past times is going on car rides. I have to say that I don't get enough of it on a daily basis. I really should accompany dad in the car when he goes to work but then who would look after mum at home? Sigh, sometimes a beagle has to do what a beagle has to do! So, I sacrificed daily car rides and volunteered to stay at home with my work-at-home mum.

On weekends though, I sometimes get a treat and get to go on car rides with my humans. Sometimes we go off to visit gramps, or I tag along in the car when my humans have to run some quick errands at the nearby shops. Occassionally when my humans head out for a roti canai breakfast(Indian Muslim cuisine - fried pancake bread served with dahl or curry) or a quick "tai chau" dinner (literally translated from Chinese as 'big fry', it means servings of a variety of dishes served with rice), I get to ride in the car if they're certain they can find a car park near the restaurant. Lunch time is a no no for car rides because it's too hot for me to stay in the car when they're away. I'm very well trained to just sit patiently in the car whilst my humans buy stuff or stuff their faces.

This beagle waiting eagerly for mum & dad to get in the car and start the engine...

But a beagle on board doesn't mean that this beagle is off-duty. Beagle patrol takes place, even in the car. There are times, my human needs ear plugs as this beagle barks frantically at a motor cyclist that stopped too close to our car at a traffic light! What can I say? A beagle's job is never-ending.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A good-natured beagle

From the desk of Kess' Mama:

It's been 8 years since Kess joined our family. Despite the heartaches this beagle has given us, especially in the earlier years with her escapades and destruction to our property and garden, I have to say that our beagle is one good-natured canine. As long as she is with her pack (aka, us, her humans), she is contented.

Any beagle's human will attest that this little hound dog very much has a mind of their own. According to her mood, Kess will be my shadow, following me every where I go in our home.

Kess lying by my work desk

Just as easily, this beagle would ignore me, despite me calling out her name. This means I'll have to search out which corner of our home she's comfortably lying in.

Despite her little idiosyncracies, she is very good-natured, winning the hearts of those who interacts with her. She single-pawedly transformed our "we don't like dogs" neighbour into a dog-loving human, who is now more than happy to dog-sit her. In fact, when we were away and Kess was staying at the Puppy Cottage, our neighbour actually went to visit her at the Cottage, bringing a loaf of bread for our bread-loving canine.

Recently, I was unable to exert myself physically, which meant that I could not take her for walks or feed her. These tasks which are usually done by me had to be taken over by J. Whilst the morning walks and feed are on schedule, her evening routine had to be delayed. Since J works late, our beagle has to wait for him to come back for her evening walk and meal. So, instead of going out for a walk at 6 pm, more often than not, she goes out at 9 pm instead. Now, I've heard about dogs that whine or bark when their routine is disrupted. Not this beagle. She happily hangs out with me, or by herself depending on her mood.

Another classic example: the other day I was busy working in my home office. I heard a door slam shut due to the wind but did not think twice about it. When I had finished for the day, I went looking for my beagle. I opened my bedroom door and there she was sitting patiently near the door entrance. She probably was in the room for an hour or so. She knew that eventually her human would come to the rescue and she waited. Not a bark or a whine from her.

How can I not love my little beagle?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beagle quirkiness or unintended consequences?

From the desk of Kess' Mama:

Since puppyhood, we have always practiced feeding Kess just before we leave for work in the morning. This way, we reckoned we would reduce the anxiety of being separated (I'm quite sure we must have read it somewhere). Anyway, inevitably, there are times when we forgot to take something and would have to open the gate again. During those times, we would take away her feeding bowl, took whatever it was we forgot and give her back her bowl for her to finish her meal.

Just the other day, I again fed Kess just before I left home.After I realized I forgot my car keys, I went back in. My beagle, upon hearing the gate opened, started eating even more quickly (for those of you who have beagles, will know how quickly they eat under normal circumstances)!

The question is this - Is it beagle quirkiness - a love for food gene imbuilt into this perpetually hungry breed, or is it unintended consequences from her humans taking away her food bowl in the middle of a meal during her puppy days? What do you think?

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