Monday, May 16, 2011

Preparing for the Big Move - The Crate

Cinnamon and Honey guessed correctly! We are moving to Hong Kong. Exciting right? Anyone who's moved will know the challenges humans and canines face when they have to cross borders.

My humans have been busy finding out about the procedures to bring me along to Hong Kong. Based on a friend's recommendation, they settled on a Hong Kong pet moving company. So, the logistics was sorted out. Next - the paperwork. The requirements to bring a dog into Hong Kong were pretty straight forward. Unfortunately, it required a visit to the vet and a couple of jabs - vaccination and rabies. Shudder...I'll need a visit to the govt vet in Malaysia a couple of days before departure for a health check and certification of fit for travel. Definitely not looking forward to that! To top it off, I'll get another rabies jab on arrival in Hong Kong. Yikes! The good thing is, as long as my paperwork is in order, I don't have to be quarantined and can be reunited with my humans 4-6 hours after I land in Hong Kong. Hurray!

One of the key things that I needed was to get used to my travel crate. My humans know that this beagle does not like being locked in a crate. They tried crate training when I was a wee pup and I used to whine! So, that was a big headache for them. But, as you all know, this beagle has a major weakness - FOOD! My humans capitalized on that by placing liver treats strategically deep in my crate. The result?

Day 1 - This beagle had 3/4 of her body in the crate to get to the food.

Day 3 - Add my day bed and this beagle is happy to have her snooze in the crate.

My humans have added back the door to the crate now and am experimenting with closing the gate for short periods. When they first did it, I was rather anxious. I would get up, and look mournfully at my humans. Now, I'm getting used to it, which is a relief to my humans.

More to come on my big move!

P.S. Honey, My human recalls reading your comment on her phone one day and the next day, it had disappeared. Strange...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Big Move

My humans travel very often, for work and pleasure. More often than not...actually it's all the time...this beagle stays behind when my humans go away. A few years ago, my humans moved to Bangkok for 1.5 years. I stayed back in Malaysia with gramps due to rabies concern in Thailand. Well, my humans are relocating to another country for a few years and I am finally going to join them on our "Big Move". Where are we going?

It's a busy city with a population of around 7 million people in approximately 1,000 sq kilometres. It has lots of skyscrapers, yet despite the many buildings, it does have quite a lot of parks and greenery in the fringes of the city.

From KL...

To...Take a look at this picture and guess where this beagle is moving to.

More on my big move later.

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